Watch with us!

The Masters of the Universe public
watching party is finished! Thanks to all who showed up :D


Showgoers public watching party of Masters of the Universe


Friday, December 18th, 2015 at 10pm Eastern (7pm Pacific)


Because it’ll be good fun to hang out together and group watch one of the most epically campy movies ever made. Bring your popcorn and your jokes.


Me, the dude who made Showgoers, some of his friends, and all of you classy movie lovers out there.


Just come to at that time and there will be a link you can click on. Of course, as always, you’ll need the Showgoers extension and a valid Netflix account.

Greetings fellow movie lovers.

Lots of users have been happily using Showgoers to watch videos with their friends or significant others, but we’d like to try something new. On Friday, December 18th, we’re going to throw a public watching party and we’re officially inviting all of you to join. So whether you are disappointed that you couldn’t see Star Wars on opening day or whether you frankly just don’t give a darn, we want *you* to join us for some good clean fun. Just come to this same url when the party starts and click on "Join the Party". And tell your friends!

No seriously, if you like this idea, tell your friends. The more the merrier! In fact, you should share this on your facebook and twitter.

Alan (the dude who made showgoers)