Watch Netflix remotely with your friends or loved-ones

Showgoers is a Chrome extension that allows you link up your Netflix player with a friend's so that you can watch the same Netflix movie together over the internet. With Showgoers installed, watching a Netflix movie with friends online is as easy as sharing a URL.

When you're in a Showgoers watching party, clicking play/pause or seeking to a specific spot in the movie will cause the Netflix player of everyone else in the watching party to do the same thing. With your Netflix players automatically connected together, you can focus on just sharing the experience together in real-time.

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How to Use

  1. Install the Showgoers Chrome extension via the Chrome Web Store

    Install the Showgoers Chrome extension by clicking here.

  2. Open a Netflix movie in your Chrome browser. Click on the Showgoers glasses.

  3. Copy the url and send to any friend you want to watch with. Then click "Begin Sync".

  4. Once they join your sync session, use Netflix just like you would normally. Except now, if you pause, unpause, or move to a different time in the movie, the players of other synced users will do the same. Easy mode!

What are people saying?

Why did you make this?

The idea of Showgoers came from being in a long-distance relationship with my SO and wanting to diversify the types of shared experiences we could have. We figured out how fun it can be start watching a Netflix together and video chat via Skype but grew tired of the whole routine of counting down and pressing play to sync up our players. Showgoers was created to get around this annoyance.

More generally, if you exclude voice, video chat, and games, there just aren't enough ways for humans to have real-time shared experience with each other online these days. Most online interaction happens via highly curated and plastic social spaces which implicitly discourage authentic human interaction (eg. think Instagram filters). Showgoers is an attempt to move away from that trend by providing a a channel for real-time shared experience in a digital yet intimate way.


Neither the Showgoers browser addon nor the developer is in any way associated with Netflix. It's just a project I started to make watching movies together more fun.